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The FREE Podcast SEO Tool is a little peace of mind. Sometimes the little things are the REALLY big things, and that's the case with SEO and your show. A few adjustments here and there can be the difference in your discoverability.

Using the SEO Analyzer is simple...


Enter your Keyphrase

A (focus) keyphrase is the search term that you most want your episode to rank for, so when people search for that keyphrase, they should find you.


Type or Paste in your Episode Title

Your episode title is important, for attracting more visitors but also to let search engines know what your page is about. It should include your keyphrase.


Type or Paste in your Episode Description

Google reads and scans your show description. Google’s algorithm decides the ranking of your show largely based on this content.


Hit the Check SEO Score Button

Podcave will immediately analyze your content, and give you a shot at making it Search Engine Friendly. Once you’re good to go, copy the content and use it in your episode details!


Once your “Over All SEO Score” reads green, you’re good to go. We reccomend doing this as many times as it takes to remove any red lights from your content.


Your SEO analysis will appear here once you've clicked the big green button!


Our SEO Analyzer is only one of the many tools we have to grow your show. Enter your name and email to take advantage of email tips, videos, and guides. It’s free.