Software + System = Success

The Podcave app brings together the best tools and services used by successful podcasters and organizes them so that they all work together.  Because all planning, publishing, and promotion tools live inside Podcave, you’ll be able to get into a groove and repeat our process for every episode!  Let’s break that down!

Four Simple Rules For Successful Podcasting

The Four P's

We need to teach you a little bit about our Four P’s. Sure, the Podcave app is great, but the system is all about combining them with our four P’s. That’s where the magic happens.


Plan Like A Pro

By the time you hit the record button, you’ll know exactly where you are going.  All segments, topics, guest questions and bios, sponsor copy, music, soundscapes, soundbytes, reference material, and scripts are all at your fingertips.  You’ll never feel lost again.

How It Works

Our episode planning, guest booking, and trending topics feature will keep you organized, informed, and connected with other content creators in your area of interest. Build your episodes in segments so that each topic can house all corresponding notes and links for quick reference.  Drag and drop entire episode segments so the show flows exactly how you want it to. Research topics using our trending topics feature, save content to your clipboard for future reference, then insert them directly into a segment. Use the guest booking feature to invite other podcasters to be a guest on your show. Share your notes so everyone is on the same page by the time you’re ready to record. Browse our library of fully-licensed music and soundscapes and find sounds that fit the vibe of not only your podcast’s overall brand, but also of each individual segment.

Before Podcave

Organized or not, you're completely hectic and uncomfortable. Interviews are scattered. Details are forgotten. Shows get wildly off-track. Co-hosts, guests, and listeners feel lost. Opportunities are missed. Awkward pauses and resets will have to be fixed in post. Music is often unlicensed, leaving you exposed to a lawsuit.

After Podcave

You are completely organized, comfortable and confident. Every moment of your episode has been planned out, and these plans can be shared with guests and co-hosts. Recording sessions stay on track. No details or talking points are forgotten or missed. Sponsorship “reads” are executed perfectly. Music is professionally-made and fully licensed.

Why It Works

Successful podcast hosts make it sound easy. That’s not an accident.  It’s because they have prepared, they are organized, and they are connected. Whether you have a support staff or not, you can plan and prepare like a pro.  Recording an episode with podcave is like taking an open-book test. All the answers are in front of you!


Publish Everywhere

Podcave’s hosting partner has long-standing relationships with all the platforms, so your content will be everywhere you want it to be the moment you publish it. No walled gardens, no bugs or glitches, no inconsistencies, no restrictions.  The decision is yours to make.

How It Works

Podcave hosting is powered by OMNY Studio–the podcast host of choice for some of the largest broadcasting companies and podcast networks in the world. For the first time, independent content creators will have access.  Be on every major podcasting platform immediately and have access to robust, real-time analytics from them–all in one place. Push episodes to all platforms the moment you publish. Unlimited audio means no upsells or add-on fees as your library of content grows. Enterprise-level security means no risk of lost audio or corrupted data. Show notes can be easily optimized for SEO and instantly published to your website so that Google knows how to direct interested people to your content.

Before Podcave

Podcast hosts hook you by offering hosting for one price (or free), but offer very little storage. You quickly learn that there's not enough storage, so your fees are increased regularly. Terms of service are sketchy, restrictive, and sometimes outright oppressive. Your episode doesn’t post everywhere at the same time--sometimes hours apart. You promote a new episode and your listeners can’t find it where they listen. You only get a mini-website and analytics are scattered and incomplete.

After Podcave

Episodes are available everywhere as soon as you post them, so you can promote them with confidence. Back-end metadata, episode titles and descriptions, keywords and tags are all easily entered and accessed. Robust analytics incoming from platforms are constantly updated, always available and organized in a variety of ways. Not to mention, you get a fully featured website to help you promote! Moving from a current podcast host to Podcave is seamless--no downtime, no hassles.

Why It Works

Podcave uses what the pros use for hosting.  OMNY Studio was built for companies that need industrial-strength, enterprise-level podcast hosting that requires immediate distribution to and flawless integration with all platforms. It was built for those interested in SEO optimization, for easy integration with a variety of content management systems, for unlimited audio storage, and for unmatched security. Some podcasts hosting companies are for hobbyists with modest expectations.  Podcave gives you podcast hosting that is equipped to handle content that has no ceiling.


Promote With Purpose

Tree falls in a forest, right? Great content should never go unheard. Most podcasters rely on social media. Not good enough.

How It Works

Podcave’s fan engagement tool gives you direct email and text access to your fanbase. New episode alerts, polls, newsletters, and all manner of bonus content can all be emailed and texted to your entire fanbase with no limitations. Podcave’s SEO Analyzer makes sure each episode title, episode description, and episode keywords are working together to get the most eyeballs as possible from Google search. Podcave’s website builder was specifically-designed for hosting podcast content. It includes the powerful Yoast SEO plugin which will help you increase each episode’s visibility and build your credibility as an authority with all of the major search engines.

Before Podcave

Episode promotion relied on social media platforms which limit visibility to the majority of your followers. After a while, it gets to a point where you are simply preaching to the converted. This repetition causes these core fans to tune you out. The echo-chamber of self-promotion becomes noise.

Additionally, SEO optimization was a big mystery. Even when cleverly-written, episode titles and descriptions were ineffective because they didn’t align with the subject matter of the content. Podcasts with no “home base” website go unnoticed by search engines. You couldn't figure out why the show growth has plateaued.

After Podcave

You can build and manage email and text fan databases and communicate with them directly. You can share announcements, send episodes directly to fans, send newsletters and bonus content to everyone without limitation from an algorithm. Now you can use social media platforms as an extension of the show rather than as your lone vehicle of self promotion.

SEO optimization is easy with your Podcave website - designed to drive growth and increase consumption. Use Google Analytics to track content and marketing efforts ao you can better understand your consumers and find ways to give them more of what they want and expect.

Why It Works

Podcave fills in the gaps created by restrictive social media platforms. Email and text gives you direct access to your core, your Podcave website is designed to increase searchability and drive consumption, and built-in SEO tools make sure you are getting the credit and attribution your content deserves.


Perfect The Process

Habits are hard to break, right? In this case–it’s exactly what we want!

Because Podcave is both software and a workflow process, you’ll notice that the more you use it, the more efficient you’ll become as a podcaster. Having all these professional podcasting tools in one spot means you’re not bouncing around from service to service and from website to website. You’re locked in. Everything you need is in your Podcave, and everything in your Podcave works together. You can access your podcast host, search for music and sounds, book guests, manage your website, research any topic you’d like, and access all current and archived episode plans all from the same place. 

Plan > Publish > Promote.

You’ll be working smarter, not harder. Those “I know I’m forgetting something” moments will go away. Your confidence will soar. Your skill as a host and communicator will greatly improve. You’ll have more time to spend on content, on marketing, on everything else!

This company was founded by radio and podcasting veterans that have spent their entire lives cranking out immense amounts of content in short periods of time. We challenged ourselves to find a way to bring together the tools, technologies, and workflow processes that we’ve used for decades and make them affordably available to podcasters at every level. We’ll always keep improving this product so that podcasters like you will never be at a disadvantage.

We’ve seen the future of audio content. Wanna see it? Look in the mirror.