Software + System = Success

We need to teach you a little bit about our P’s of Podcasting. Sure, Podcave’s features are great, but the system is all about combining Podcave’s features with a great workflow. That’s where the magic happens.

This 1min video is pretty fun...

There are many ways to use Podcave to your advantage.

Publish your episodes everywhere.

Do this with Podcave’s powerful, secure, and rock-solid hosting (powered in the background by industry powerhouse OmnyStudio).

Analyze your podcast for growth decisions.

Podcave includes Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) certified analytics so you can make great decisions on your next steps.

Plan your episodes more effectively.

In Podcave, you can plan your episode segment-by-segment. Use the episode planner to combine your content planning efforts.

Communicate with your guests.

Notify your guests of their episode being live, or share the right information for promotion with them. 

Coordinate with your guests.

Keep your guest rolodex and all of their information ready to go! The guest can even fill out their own talking points.

Record with maximum focus.

Using Record Assist will allow you to go through your episode segment by segment, distraction free, while recording.

Add legally safe music to your episodes.

Add professionally produced soundscapes and music to your show (powered by radio imaging powerhouse Benztown).

Search and add trending topics.

Jump over to the Topic Finder module and see what’s happening in the world. Save articles for use later in your planning.

Create a beautifully branded website.

Forget the mini-podcast website. Your Podcave website is a fully featured site. The only limit is you (powered by PodcastPage).

Email & text your subscribers.

Encourage your fans to get your email and text alerts. Then, schedule their messages in advance, or send one right now.

Execute your social plan immediately.

From the same place you do everything else, you can schedule your social posts! All of your social planning is baked in.

Completely manage your podcast.

Forget using multiple services, or planning there and doing over there. With Podcave you plan AND do in the same spot.

If you like a list… here it is condensed.

Planning Tools


Promotion Tools

Plan 👉 Publish 👉 Promote. 🎉

You’ll be working smarter, not harder. Those “I know I’m forgetting something” moments will go away. Your confidence will soar. Your skill as a host and communicator will greatly improve. You’ll have more time to spend on content, on marketing, on everything else!

This company was founded by radio and podcasting veterans that have spent their entire lives cranking out immense amounts of content in short periods of time. We challenged ourselves to find a way to bring together the tools, technologies, and workflow processes that we’ve used for decades and make them affordably available to podcasters at every level. We’ll always keep improving this product so that podcasters like you will never be at a disadvantage.

We’ve seen the future of audio content. Wanna see it? Look in the mirror.